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MyTables – The program is applied for collecting, accounting, printing and data exchange of different structures between the remote offices. The program can be perfectly applied in all spheres of human activity. Applying the program allows you to catalogue any of your information and systematize its collection, exchange and storage. If necessary, you can operate individually or collectively. Thus one program can turn into a software complex, consisting of the several linked programs. The task of MyTables autoring is to create a program that provides a strong cataloging of the incoming data, data storage, user-friendly interface and fast-access retrieval. And this program has been successfully created! Now you don’t need to purchase any special programs for: the personal finance accounting, the CDs cataloging, your car service center customers’ tracking, the password storage program or the personal organizer program recording your individual results in a gym and so on. It can be continued infinitely. Now you can perform all these operations applying ONE MyTables program! MyTables program is available for any application! It can simultaneously combine all data types! You don’t need to run more than one program instance, or to store a lot of databases. The program does not apply any special libraries, it can be easily ported from one computer to another and operate at any NT compatible with the WINDOWS system. The main criterion of the program is "THERE ARE NO CONSTRAINTS! That is, you can create for your work an unlimited number of: data structures (layouts), reports and documents linked tables, directories, and even remote offices to exchange data among them! As well as to enter an unlimited number of rows to any layout or directory! And there is no need any more to purchase the specific "Open Office" or "Microsoft Office" software to generate reports and documents as everything is performed inside the program! For more information, see

Systems: Win2000, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64

Tags: accounting   Commodity   money   business system   tables   replication   structuring information   a database Access   data storage   data exchange between offices   printing   printing of programs   reports   related tables  

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